Editing textfields with gvim (or any external editor)

It seems, nowadays, that I must spend a lot of time updating code in textfields, and, being used to the many excellent features of vim, I find the web browser limiting.

This is a thing of the past however, and there are many options to take your text-editing control back. The Firefox plugin which I think provides the nicest solution to this problem is It’s All Text!, but I have used Vimperator for some time as well. Both of these addons provide a great solution for text-editing, but Vimperator is far more ambitious and tries to give a more vi-like feel to the web-browsing experience.

Vimperator makes a worthy effort, and while it does a lot of very nice things (keyboard browsing for one), it can also be frustrating, and causes certain applications to behave very badly, so for my use It’s All Text! is the winner.

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