Facebook Flashcache

I now have a new Crucial M4 SSD (256 GB) to play with, so I set it up using FaceBook flashcache. It took a little while to figure out how to cache the root filesystem (I only have one large partition including), but it seems to work great.

I did some 50 GB benchmarks . . . → Read More: Facebook Flashcache

Raspberry PI on it’s way

My Model B Raspberry PI is on it’s way. With a shipping date of 2012-03-23, I hope to have it before tax day! This certainly seems like a better investment than an Apple TV or a Roku box as a media computer, but with the ability to run Debian, it will be a great low-powered . . . → Read More: Raspberry PI on it’s way

Building a UML kernel

0) Make sure you can build the Linux kernel

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential kernel-package -y

1) Get the Kernel (kernel.org) 2) cd kernel tree 3) configure and compile

linux-3.1.4$ make menuconfig ARCH=um linux-3.1.4$ make linux ARCH=um

Voila! You should have a file linux which is an executable UML image.

Zoidberg (aka zoid shell)

Forget about bash and zsh, zoid shell is great! It makes things like the following possible:

$ for ($a=0;$a<300;$a++) {print “a is $a\n”;} | mail -s “zoidbergtest” myemailaddress@mydomain.com

Additionally it appears to be extensible. Unfortunately, it may not be 100% finished yet. It *is* open source and *seems* to work great though! For the old . . . → Read More: Zoidberg (aka zoid shell)

user-mode Linux

User-mode Linux is cool. It takes a little bit of knowledge, and then you can work with the Linux kernel as a normal user-mode process.

However the Ubuntu docs are a little old an obsolete. My documentation is here: sudo apt-get install user-mode-linux uml-utilities bridge-utils debootstrap -y

# Create an empty file to contain the . . . → Read More: user-mode Linux

Editing textfields with gvim (or any external editor)

It seems, nowadays, that I must spend a lot of time updating code in textfields, and, being used to the many excellent features of vim, I find the web browser limiting.

This is a thing of the past however, and there are many options to take your text-editing control back. The Firefox plugin which I . . . → Read More: Editing textfields with gvim (or any external editor)

First Post!

This is the first post